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The Pisco Grapes

There are eight Pisco grapes and to detail their unique characteristics one realizes the laborious work of tabulation of all the aromas and flavors found in almost 300 samples tasted by The Pisco Guide of Peru (Mixmade,2012). A group of professional tasters participated in the evaluation of each of these samples, describing the characteristics found in each one.

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  • Glass of fruitQuebranta GrapeQuebranta Grape Quebranta has a distinctly defined aroma and taste, and is perhaps the most commercialized of the Pisco grapes. This grape is of red-blueish color.  Its skin is very thin and fragile and is also very sweet. As you move glass, and bring it your closer to your nose, you will sense the mixed aromas of fruits, such as banana, apple, lime, and peaches come out. The taste of Pisco Quebranta is slightly sweet, with a strong presence of alcohol, combined with flavors of fresh fruit and raisins.

  • Glass of fruitItalia GrapeItalia Grape The italia grape is round with a light and lively green. It's big and juicy and grows in all the Peruvian grape regions. The italia grape is one of the most expressive and exquisite grapes. It carries citric aromas, such as lime, lemon, and mandarin. Its aroma also resembles that of flowers, such as jasmine and orange blossom. Its flavor is attained with a gentle alcohol presence with flavors of lime and honey.

  • Glass of fruitNegra Criolla GrapeNegra Criolla Grape It's one of the first grapes that were brought by the Spaniards in the 1500s and 1600s.  They are dark in color and small. They are also not as sweet as the Quebranta or Mollar grapes. The aroma of the Negra Criolla grape resembles fruits like apple and peaches. It also contains the mixed aromas of honey, coffee and chocolate. These are descriptors that clearly differentiate this grape from the Quebranta or Mollar grapes. It's flavor is sweet and similar to its aroma with a good presence of alcohol.
  • Glass of fruitMollar GrapeMollar Grape The molar grape has aromas that remind us of a mixture of apple, banana, quince, pear and honey. Its flavor resembles apple, banana, and pear. In some instances, it can be confused with Quebranta.

  • Glass of fruitUvina GrapeUvina Grape The aroma of the Uvina grape is very unique as it resembles green olives.  You can also find the aromas of medlar and mango and banana. Its flavor has the taste of green olives as well as of the fruits found in its aromas.

  • Pisco Albilla GrapeAlbilla GrapAlbilla Grape Albilla grapes carry a very distinguished aroma of peaches, lime and apple. You can also sense vanilla, cinnamon, and floral touches. Its flavor is slightly sweet, giving you the sensation of apple, peach and honey combined with a strong presence of alcohol.

  • Pisco Torontel GrapeTorontel GrapeTorontel Grape The Torontel grape is known for its expressive and intense aromas.  From the moment you open the bottle, you will sense the citric aromas of lime and verbena; comingled with orange blossoms and jasmine. You can also sense a touch of cinnamon and raisin. Its taste is a world of its own, because in addition to its strong alcohol presence, you can enjoy citric and honey flavors.

  • Pisco Moscatel GrapeMoscatel GrapeMoscatel Grape This grape creates very exquisite Piscos. It has intense aromas that reminds you of roses, peaches, lime and apple combined with aromas of vanilla, mandarin and jasmine. You can definitely taste flavors of peache, apple, and rose water. It is important to note that the aromas and tastes mentioned should be considered points of reference as each Pisco will have its own personality depending on the region, climate, soil and producer.

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