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Las Once de Azpitia (XI)

Las Once (XI) De Azpitia derived it's name after Pisco was banned by the conquistadors back in the 1,600's for fear this quality spirit could threaten their own products. Local people developed a secret code to make Pisco; they started calling it Las Once (The Eleven) since it reflects the eleven letters of the word Aguardiente.

Las Once (XI) de Azpitia, "The Eleven" is produced in and inspired by the beautiful landscape of San Vicente of Azpitia, a gentle place 80 km south of Lima that hangs like a balcony "Heaven's Balcony" on the shores of the right wing of the Mala river. This is where The "Eleven" grows their best Quebranta and Italia grapes. Their annual premium Pisco production is 50,000 liters from Italia Grape and 30,000 liters from Quebranta grape. Las Once "The Eleven" de Azpitia, has won several awards, including the 2011 Gold medalist and Peruvian Pisco of the Year. It is also the preferred premium Pisco with Peruvian military.


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