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The name of Servulo for this wonderful Pisco was inspired by the Peruvian artist Servulo Gutierrez, who, like this Pisco was born in Ica, Peru. As the owner and founder says, Servulo is about the "art" of making Pisco, and by that, he means the best Pisco in the world.

This family owned award winning Pisco producer is located in the beautiful town of Orongo, ICA. It has been in business since 1997 specializing in making Premium Pisco and macerated drinks with 100% Quebranta grape. For all intent and purposes, Servulo is a limited edition Premium Pisco made exclusively for the consumer with more demanding tastes, as well as for the Pisco lovers of the Quebranta grape.


Servulo Puro Quebranta

Servulo Puro Quebranta: This 100% Quebranta g...