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Creating Desserts with Pisco

Pisco DesertsPisco is great for sweet treats. This is the conclusion that several experts have reached after conducting hundreds of tests with people that know a lot, that know some, or know nothing about this distilled spirit.

To pair desserts with Pisco it is necessary to consider the characteristics of the sweet treat you have in mind. For instance, these characteristics should be creamier and with less dough. Good examples are mousses and pies; or, a chocolate cake with fudge. The aim is to make of the paring between sweets and Pisco, an even more delicious dessert. That's it!

In doing so, you also need to consider the grape your Pisco is made wiPisco Desertth. A Pisco Italia has strong accents, such as lime and mandarin, which is perfect for a lemon pie or desserts filled with fruits, such as orange, pineapple, and lime. The Negra Criolla, instead has touches of chocolate and coffee, which is therefore great for tiramisu or a coffee truffle. A Pisco made with the Albilla grape, which brings flavors such as peach and apple, is great for a mousse with the same fruits. The Pisco made with Uvina grape is a perfect match for a truffle of olives and black raisins.

Obviously, the starting point is your favorite dessert. In my case, an apple pie with cinnamon would go beautifully with a Pisco made with the Mollar grape because it has a very strong taste to apple.

In the great majority of cases the explanation for success in using Pisco with desserts is to make the characteristics of both coincide. To help you on this selection, please visit the Grapes section, where it explains in detail the characteristics of each of the eight grapes Pisco is made with.

Pisco DessertPisco DessertPisco Desserts
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